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Jan 11

Rest Home or Rest at Home?

For senior citizens the ability to live independently in their homes for as long as possible is known as “Aging in Place”.  Those who age in place will not have to move from their present residence in order to secure necessary support services in response to their changing needs.

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Oct 02

Common Household Pests

Before buying a home, it is wise to have the property inspected for pests. The last thing any new homeowner wants to find is problem with rodents, spiders, or other nuisances. Likewise, when selling a house, inspection can raise value and give potential homeowners added confidence.

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Sep 21

HVAC Furnace Filter Maintenance

In the last article we spoke about what you should know about your furnace in this article we are going to talk about your HVAC furnace filter and it’s maintenance.  I know exciting stuff, but helpful if you have family members that are prone to air quality issues.  This article was taken from the newsletter.

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Sep 16

What Should You Know about Your Furnace

It’s getting that time of year that you are going to want to turn up the thermostat and turn on some heat.  As a homeowner what should you know about your forced-air heating system (furnace).  In this article I’ll cover what is a forced-air heating system, maintenance tips, and what we look for during the …

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Aug 31

How to Check Your Home for Radon

The best time to check for radon gas is during a home inspection when buying a home. The counties served by us are all in Zone 1 for radon gas, which means that the predicted average indoor radon screening levels are higher than 4pCi/l (picocurries per liter).  This article describes what is radon and how …

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