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Feb 06

Not All Home Inspectors are the Same

Now that you’ve made an offer on your dream home, you need to find an inspector that will determine if your new home will truly be your castle.  Not all home inspectors are the same and you should do your due diligence. 

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Jan 26

Thinking of Hiring a Contractor?

After the home inspection we are often asked: “Do you have any contractors you recommend?”.  We will provide a list of contractors in the area, but it is up you to determine which contractor to choose.  Here are some tips on hiring a contractor.

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Dec 08

Great Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Do you have friends or family that just bought a new home in the past year?  Not sure what to get them for a gift this holiday season?  Here are some great gift ideas for new homeowners.  Especially for those that want to give something practical and helpful.

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Nov 29

Kitchen Home Inspections

Imagine that you’ve just moved into your new home. It’s time to cook dinner, but the range won’t heat up. Or you need a cold drink, but the refrigerator is stale and stuffy inside. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in most homes. With a home inspection, you’ll have a much better understanding …

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Oct 16

What Does a Home Inspector Look For?

I am asked all the time by new home buyers when looking for a home inspectors, “What do you look at?” or “What do you check?”.  My answer is usually, “We look from rooftops to foundations and EVERYTHING in between!“. Then there is a pause, and I run down the list. So here is a …

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