Sprinkler System Testing

We offer Sprinkler System Testing as an included service to our full home inspections.

In order for us to inspect the sprinkler system, the following must be turned on by the homeowner prior to testing:

  • Water to the sprinkler system
  • The back flow device
  • And if equipped, the oscillation device


Also, if we have access to the water meter, it can be used as an important troubleshooting instrument.  We can possibly determine if there are leakages or blockages based on water flow for each zone.

We will inspect the following during our sprinkler system inspection:

  • water flow for each zone
  • busted heads
  • spraying on hard surfaces
  • heads that are tilted or not plumb
  • head alignment (making sure they are watering where wanted)
  • obstructions in the spray pattern
  • standing water around the head

Since sprinkler systems can have anywhere from 1 to 20 zones, and between 1 and 8 heads per zone, the actual testing of the system can be lengthy, up to an hour or more.