Aug 14

How to Make the Most of Your Home Inspection

Now that you’ve hired a home inspector, here’s how to make the most of your home inspection.  The first step while not mentioned in the article below is to attend your home inspection with your inspector.

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Imagine spending $300 or more for a service and only getting half of the benefit. It sounds silly, but people do it every day. A buyer’s inspection is your responsibility, but it’s more than an email or stack of papers to stick into a file. It’s also an opportunity.

Plan to attend your home inspection and make the most of it. Chances are, you’ll be glad that you did.

#1: Hire an Inspector Who’ll Welcome You

For the most part, home inspectors have no problem with buyers attending the inspection. After all, they’re the customer. But once in a while, an old-fashioned inspector who prefers to work alone will flat-out refuse. That means it’s time to hire someone else.

Home inspectors shouldn’t insist on working solo. It’s not just good for them, it’s good for their customers. The more questions you can ask during the inspection, the fewer questions you’ll have later. So if an inspector makes you feel uncomfortable, keep looking.

#2: Follow Along, but Not Too Close

Your part of the home inspection process is akin to shadowing. Stay close enough, but not too close for comfort. Staying nearby means your inspector won’t have to track you down to discuss a defect. Staying out of the work zone means your inspector can go about the job freely.

The comfort zone also applies to areas such as attics, closets, basements and areas that might be in disrepair. Nobody wins if you’re accidentally injured while trying to scale an attic ladder. But your inspector has the training to access dangerous areas safely.

#3: If You’re Confused About Something, Ask

The time to ask questions is on the spot. Maybe you’ll notice something that the inspector overlooked. Or maybe you’ll need more information about a system or defect. While it’s fresh in the inspector’s mind, ask away and take more notes.

Remember that home inspectors have lots of customers. They see many homes week after week and month after month. If you ponder and think about a question and decide to ask later, your inspector might not recall the details.

Buyer's inspection

Pictures fill in memory gaps.

#4: Carry a Camera

Since the advent of digital cameras, most home inspectors include photos with every report. At one time, that was a luxury. Now, it’s expected. But it doesn’t mean the inspector will photograph everything you want to remember. Their job is to catalog material defects, not the whole house.

Take a digital camera to your buyer’s inspection. The one on your phone will probably suffice. Between you and your inspector, you’ll have plenty of images to fill in blanks before signing on the dotted line at the closing table. And it goes without saying, don’t photograph the homeowner’s personal belongings.

Home inspections aren’t trivial, and they aren’t just one more hoop to jump through before buying a house. They’re there for your information and protection.

It’s your home inspection, so take part in it. That’s how you’ll get the most for your money.  If you are ready to schedule your home inspection Contact Me Now.  Proudly serving Montrose, Ouray, San Miguel, Mesa, Delta and Gunnison counties of Colorado.