Feb 26

How to Find a Good Home Inspector

You’ve decided to purchase the home of your dreams.  How do you find a good home inspector?  Your Realtor has asked you to get a home inspection done before closing.  They may have even given you the names of a couple of home inspectors they have used in the past.  Now what…

This article was inspired by Charles Buell Inspections.

It’s an envious job for any home buyer has in finding a good home inspector.  It is no small task.

Here 12 tips of some of the things that should be included in your search to find a
good home inspector:

  1. Ask your agent–this is a good starting point–really good agents will work with
    really good inspectors.  This does not “have to be” a conflict of interest.  You will
    want to work with all the best people that are working the hardest to take care of
  2. Does the inspector belong to a reputable Home Inspector Association that requires a membership exam as well as continuing education?
  3. Do you have to jump through hoops to contact the inspector–for example, is it hard to find their
    phone number and email?
  4. Do the inspector have a “functional” website (not just a page with their name on it, and not a website that is so complicated it is useless).
  5. Does the inspector have a sample report on their website?  If so, then read it.  Does it contain the kind of information you are looking for?  Is it written so you can understand it?  Comparing sample reports are one of the best ways to evaluate home inspectors.
  6. Do you get to the actual inspector on the phone?  You should be able to get a sense of the person that wrote the report, and the person on the phone.  If they have an answering service – always ask to speak to the inspector, even if you have to wait to make your decision about which inspector to choose.
  7. Does the inspector have a blog?  If so, read it.  You will likely get an idea about the inspector and what their relationship is to you and the what it is that they do.
  8. Does the inspector have a online contract?  Can you get and sign your contract with them today, or do you have to wait until you finally meet them at your possible new home?
  9. Does the inspector use the latest online reporting software?  This is the 21st century, time to get with the times and use software that is available to create the best home inspection reports. No longer should home inspectors be using paper reports, checklists, or not including photos of defects in their reports.
  10. Does the inspector use the latest in technology?  Do they use an infrared camera, a drone, gas detector, or temperature meter?  Using the latest technology shows you that the inspector is keeping ahead of the industry, and is learning how to use new technology to give you the best home inspection report.
  11. Can they perform other testing and inspections?  Are they certified in Radon Testing? Can they perform a Mold Inspection if needed?  What about water quality or air quality testing?  These are important tests that could be performed ensuring you home is safe for you and your family.  It also shows that the inspector is updating his skills to offer these types of inspections.
  12. And finally, does the inspector accept credit cards?  In today’s cashless society, where everyone has a debit or credit card, not accepting credit cards means that the inspector is not attuned to how business is conducted today.

These tips should give you a head start in finding a good home inspector, to inspect the future home of your dreams.

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