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Great Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Do you have friends or family that just bought a new home in the past year?  Not sure what to get them for a gift this holiday season?  Here are some great gift ideas for new homeowners.  Especially for those that want to give something practical and helpful.

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Buying a new home is the start of a new chapter of life. It comes with tremendous responsibility, but also great thrills and new experiences. One of the most fun aspects of a new home is the decoration, giving it life with new furniture, artwork, and maintenance. And if your friends or family members just purchased a new home, what better way to celebrate the occasion than with a perfect gift to help them start their journey there.

Classic Gifts

You don’t always have to go big with a housewarming gift. Sometimes, it takes just the right touch to add that special ray of joy to someone’s new environment. It could be anything from high-tech kitchen gadgets to other thoughtful housewarming gifts.

  • A personalized cutting board. Get your friend a tool that is both personalized, artsy, and handy. Many of these are handcrafted by artisan woodworkers with quality wood.
  • Dishtowels with a fancy or modern design. These small details add characters and a little color to any kitchen.
  • Microwave or Toaster oven. Although we all like to think we cook fresh every night, a microwave oven is a necessary and useful kitchen appliance that is likely to serve a great purpose.
  • Art work. Sometimes it might be difficult to guess a person’s taste in art. You can also get them a gift card to somewhere like Framebridge where they can get their favorite artwork or photos framed in a unique way.

Smart House Gifts

Technology has really changed the way our houses look and operate. Many devices are now sold with smart capabilities that allow for easier access and storage. These gifts accommodate every room in the house, from kitchen, to living room, to the outside.

  • Smart Smoke Detectors and Alarms. Many of these devices, which are necessary for every home, are now much more tech savvy. Smoke detectors can now be connected to your smart phone and have a much more elegant and modern look.
  • Special Doorbell. There is nothing more fun than a unique doorbell to give immediate personality to the home. There are a number of customizable doorbells that play your favorite tunes, to smart video doorbells, that allow you to see and talk through your smartphone, any visitor approaching the house.
  • Roomba Vacuum. Whether it’s carpet or hard floors, a Roomba is a convenient little vacuum with a three stage cleaning system and dual multi service brushes that can pick up everything. Many Roombas have smart capabilities to control with your phone.
  • Smart Coffee Machine. As everything connects to our phone, so can your coffee! A great addition to any kitchen is a coffee machine that can be controlled through your phone and have other snazzy features.

Garden, Yard, and the Outdoors

Don’t forget the backyard or patio. In order to keep the outside of the house looking great, there needs to be constant care, maintenance, and good taste.

  • Lawn Care: The typical national average to mow and maintain a lawn is about $148. Why not cut your friends a break and give them a gift that will save them time? One way to alleviate the stress of moving in is to provide gifts that help with some of the tedious, time consuming tasks that may be neglected because of a tight schedule.
  • Fire pit: With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, getting a fire pit in the backyard can make for great outdoor parties and get togethers.
  • Lawn Furniture: People spend time outside in the spring and anything from hammocks, to lawn chairs, and entire lawn furniture sets can really add life to a backyard and patio.
  • Garden Hose or sprinkler: An expandable garden hose is a great gift that is easy to put away and doesn’t take up much room.

Becoming a homeowner comes with rooms of new adventure. Each room is a new beginning and helping someone settle in and feel at home is a great way to share the joy of their new space.

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