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Includes Free Home Maintenance Book

As a first-time home buyer, you’ll receive a copy of “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” from your Montrose Home Inspectors. This book is full of valuable information that will help you keep your home safe and in top condition for years to come.

Watch this short video that explains why it’s a must-have:

You’ll also want to have Montrose Home Inspectors sign you up for your free monthly Homeowner Newsletter.  It will be customized based on your own home and the findings from your actual home inspection.  Your newsletter will include timely articles that will help you tackle seasonal maintenance and other homeowner questions you may have.

Remember to:


  1. Ask Montrose Home Inspectors for your free copy of “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection.”
  2. Ask Montrose Home Inspectors to sign you up for your customized monthly Homeowner Newsletter.
  3. Call Montrose Home Inspectors for a seasonal or annual Home Maintenance Inspection.