Oct 05

Fall is the Best Time to Buy and Inspect a House

Now that summer is over, and the leaves are changing, it’s the best time to buy and inspect your new home.  The reason being everyone from realtors, to home inspectors, to most contractors have more time available.  The exceptions being the HVAC and fireplace guys.  So get ready to move into your new home in the fall.

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Fall Really is the Best Time to Buy and Inspect a House

Spring and summer get all of the attention, but fall is an underrated superstar when it comes to buying a house. The market isn’t as flooded, home inspectors aren’t quite as busy and you could stand a much better chance of finding that dream house with less competition.

As for inspection results, a home energy audit might offer more insight in cooler weather, since thermography equipment can get a better reading. If you’re thinking about buying, there’s no reason to put it off. Jump into the market now, and you could be settled in before the holidays are over.

Spring is Swamped but Fall Means Business

Springtime heralds the beginning of the big real estate season. Lawns start greening up, flowers begin to bloom and buyers are traditionally in a home buying mindset. If there are children in the family, uprooting them from school is another reason to wait until the academic year is almost over.

That said, the fall/winter real estate season tends to be serious. There aren’t as many browsers, as Kevin Lisota, CEO and designated broker for Findwell Real Estate, tells New Home Source. The market won’t be as saturated with buyers or inventory. But a house that you love could move from contract to closing without as many competing bid hurdles.

Home Inspectors Might Have More Time

Home inspectors are part of the real estate industry. When agents are swamped, so are inspectors. And when fall comes around, the workload can lighten for everyone. That means you could find a great home inspector this time of year without worrying about whether his schedule can accommodate you.

If you’re on a tight timeframe or you have all the time in the world, buying in the fall can put you at an advantage. Without a lot of buyer competition for home inspections, your inspector is less likely to be stretched for time and more likely to fit into your schedule.

If Home Efficiency Matters, Fall is Perfect

One of the more interesting reasons to think about buying the fall revolves around energy efficiency. When the weather is warm, it’s difficult to determine whether or not the house is efficient. Drafts don’t feel as drafty and cold spots are harder to find. Not only that, thermography equipment can also get a better reading in the fall.

Thermal imaging transfers temperature readings into color images. Hot and cold areas in a house are reflected on the device screen by color, which lets you find spots that are warmer and colder than the rest. Thermography isn’t as effective when indoor and outdoor temperatures are similar. But once the weather turns colder and indoor temperatures are warmer, air leaks and energy wasters reveal themselves.

Fall isn’t the classic time to buy a house, but it’s a great time nonetheless. And in some ways, it’s perfect for house shopping. Inventory will probably be down, but so will bidding competition. And you’re likely to find a home inspector who can work within your schedule.

If you’re house hunting or building a new house, you’ll need a home inspection before signing on the dotted line. Are you ready to get started?

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