Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing is a fast effective way to determine if microbial growth is elevated in the air of your home or office.

We will collect an outdoor air sample as a control and collect two indoor air samples to be analyzed to determine what is in the indoor air.

The environmental testing laboratory will provide you with a “certificate of analysis” which identifies the mold types, pollen types, and if there are any fiberglass particles, cellulose particles, or dust mites in the air.


If you are especially effected by a specific allergen, we recommend that we collect a carpet sample to determine if that specific allergen has been or is present in your home or office.  The types of allergens that we can sample for include cat, dog, rat, mouse, cockroach, Aspergillius, Alternaria and dust mites.  Each specific allergen is a separate test and the cost depends on the test(s) requested.

Interpreting Laboratory Results

There have been studies of mold in homes that have provided new information about what is “normal” or “unusual” in a healthy home.  Every building has mold, but deductions may be made about whether a particular building has “unusual” conditions or levels that may necessitate further investigation.  Air samples should be evaluated by means of comparison (for example, indoors to outdoors), and by fungal type (by genera and species).  In general, the levels and types of fungi found should be similar indoors as compared to the outdoor air.  Differences in the levels or types of fungi found in air samples may indicate that moisture sources and the resultant fungal growth may be problematic.

Radon Gas Testing

For those concerned and wanting a complete analysis of their indoor air quality we recommend getting your home or office tested for Radon Gas as well.  Since 50% of homes in Colorado can be effected by Radon Gas, and since the test is so affordable, we see no reason not to have this testing done as well.

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