August 2017 archive

Aug 31

How to Check Your Home for Radon

The best time to check for radon gas is during a home inspection when buying a home. The counties served by us are all in Zone 1 for radon gas, which means that the predicted average indoor radon screening levels are higher than 4pCi/l (picocurries per liter).  This article describes what is radon and how …

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Aug 29

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

Now that you’ve made the offer, and it was accepted, you need to get a home inspection. But, you ask, how much does a home inspection cost? The better question is: how much will a home inspection save you? Check out the article below to see how much a home inspection costs and why smart …

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Aug 21

Things Your Home Inspector Won’t Check

After getting asked numerous times what we will check in a home inspection, the list of things your home inspector won’t check is shorter.  So here is an article describing the things not checked in a normal home inspection.

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Aug 17

Selling Your Home Prepare for the Home Inspection

Here is a great article for those people selling their home and how to prepare for the home inspection.  We don’t cover the seller side of the home inspection often in the articles we find but this is a good one.

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Aug 14

How to Make the Most of Your Home Inspection

Now that you’ve hired a home inspector, here’s how to make the most of your home inspection.  The first step while not mentioned in the article below is to attend your home inspection with your inspector. This article originally appeared on Hire an Inspector News

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