July 2017 archive

Jul 12

5 Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid

This article originally only had 4 mistakes to avoid, but I added another home inspection mistake to avoid.  You should avoid these mistakes whether you are a first time home buyer or if you buying your fifth home.  In the long run avoiding these missteps will save you money. This article originally appeared on hireaninspector.com

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Jul 09

You’ve Hired a Great Inspector

How do you know if you hired a great inspector?  Two things I know, all homes have maintenance, safety, or material defects, new and old alike.  And all inspectors are human and may miss some of these defects.  But there are differences between great inspectors and poor inspectors.  This article covers 5 signs that you …

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Jul 05

Will the Seller Pay for Repairs After a Bad Home Inspection?

I’ve done a home inspection that the summary report was so long that it could have been mistaken for the detail report.  The buyer asked me after reviewing the inspection report “Will the seller pay for the repairs?”  This article covers that question and more.  Remember to review any home inspection with your real estate …

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Jul 02

10 Biggest Rumors About Home Inspections

If you are in need of a home inspection, don’t believe the rumors you’ve heard about home inspections.  Rumors and misconceptions about home inspections and home inspectors have the potential to damage the industry.  Using ethical and honest home inspectors will blunt the rumors and misconceptions. While rumors can spread and take root faster than …

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