July 2017 archive

Jul 31

Don’t Risk Skipping the Home Inspection

If you are ready to buy your new home, don’t risk skipping the home inspection.  Smart buyers make sure to get a home inspection, and you should too!  The following article covers the reasons why you should not risk skipping this important part of the home buying process.

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Jul 27

Is Your New Home an Excellent Investment?

How do you know if your new home is an excellent investment? There are signs of course!  The best way to determine if your home is a potential money pit, or an excellent investment is to schedule a home inspection before closing the deal.  This article covers areas that you should look at when making …

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Jul 24

Is Your Dream Home an Inspection Nightmare?

Knowing if your dream home is an inspection nightmare will go along way to deciding to purchase your dream home.  Getting a home inspection from a certified home inspector will tell you that.  So before you get into something that doesn’t fit your lifestyle, look into getting a home inspection. This article originally appeared on …

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Jul 19

4 Home Defects That Could Help You

I’ve inspected a lot of homes, and every one has had defects.  Brand new homes, one hundred year old homes, and homes in between, every single one of them had defects.  Making you aware of the defects of any home is my job as a home inspector.  As a new home buyer, are there any …

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Jul 16

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Home Inspector

You’ve made your offer on your new home and it was accepted.  Your real estate agent wrote into the contract, and recommends you get a home inspection.  Your agent has given you a list of home inspectors in your area and told you that your inspection objection deadline is in a week or two.  Now …

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