April 2017 archive

Apr 26

Garage Door Safety

Most homeowner don’t usually give a second thought to garage door safety.  The garage door either works when you want it to or it doesn’t.  But if you have small children or pets, or you have them visit your home than you should think about garage door safety and how it might affect those small …

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Apr 23

Making Stairs & Railings at Decks & Porches Safe

How do you go about making stairs and railing at decks and porches safe?  By following a few simple guidelines to reduce the possibility of having a tripping hazard.  And even if there is the potential for a tripping accident, making sure you have good handrails will help prevent the accident.

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Apr 19

How to Speed Up Your Home Inspection

Here’s how to speed up your home inspection by preparing your home ahead of time using the following tips. Your home inspection will go smoother, with fewer concerns to delay your home closing.

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Apr 16

Selecting a Manufactured Home

Selecting a manufactured home is not the same process that it was in the not to distant past.  Today’s sizes and models are more elegant and complex than past models.  If you are thinking about buying or selecting a manufacture home, read the article below about what to expect and is available in the new …

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Apr 12

Carpeted Bathrooms

I’m not sure carpeted bathrooms are the current trend in bathrooms, as tile and vinyl are definitely more trending then they were in the past.  If you do have a carpeted bathroom, then check out this article on the pros and cons of having a carpeted bathroom. This article first appeared on InterNACHI.org and was …

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